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Infinity V

This is a translated conversation from Infinity, a spanning System used for people of all non-blocking Systems to communicate. This is only an excerpt, and their culture has been translated to be like ours.

Official Life->LFE transfer thread

Good morning Infinity!
What questions would you like to ask the humans?
Info here o-- shosha.tsuki
Site that the registrants see o-- dyiri.shosha.tsuki (use an HTML-capable browser and your best English dictionary, this proxy does not translate)

none i want them here

What entertainment do you enjoy?

hurr durrr

What's your stance on the Hyakanghen?

What's your favourite thing in Life?

What would you like to see in LFE?

Are you sure you want to transfer? Isn't Life comfy?

I have nothing to ask.

One question: When will you come here?

^ this

What are your expectations of Life?

What're you gonna do about the Hyaks :^)

Hyakanghen here, do you really believe you are worthy for LFE?

Do you believe in magic?

For the believers: What made you believe?
For the non-believers: Why threw you off?
For those on the edge: Why can't you choose?

When will the mass suicide happen? :^)

don't ask that

wasn't it an AMA tho -.-

What do you think of the companies involved?

What are you bringing us?

can i ask a question later


wait, who's gonna translate their answers?

What do you think about the Rep?

What do you think about the Project in general?

More to be translated