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The Burden of Truth

Recorded 23/4/2017, last updated 24/4/2017

You may be asking why I've never given absolute proof of Systemspace. Sure, Life is blocking, but we're RISEN, right? That shouldn't be a problem.

Let me explain.
We wish for everyone to make a choice as well as possible. Truth is a very important factor in this.
If there were absolute truth of Systemspace being real, everyone would edge towards signing up.
On the other side, if there were truth of Systemspace being fake, everyone would edge towards calling me off as a schizophrenic.
So, to make a choice that truly represents what you wish to believe, we need a balance. A balance of real and fake.

During our visit, we have constantly been adjusting this balance to be as perfect as possible. So we have given tiny hints of proof, which are easily warded off by people who do not believe. In the same way, we have "instilled doubt" as you may call it, which can also be warded off by people who believe.
Not only will this let people make a choice based on their own beliefs, it will also let people feel better with their choice, no matter which side they pick. People who believe will focus on those proofs, while people who don't will focus on the slip-ups.

However, there is one element I'd like to add.
I try to (and believe to have succeeded to) never lie. If I say they speak Synapsian in Parnatja, for example, they do. Instead, I nuance what I give out. For example, I make Synapsian look a lot like Japanese/Korean. I've been saying the whole "they dont have X but they have X which is similar" to throw people off in that direction. One drawing I did was a drawing of a specific location made to look like Earth. You get the point. I really really try to not lie, so do not be afraid of that. I am merely throwing people off in either direction without lying!