FAQ (missing something?)

What is this?

This is a mission whose purpose is to recruit people from the System Life so that they may join LFE before we unlink Life.

Who are you?

I am Tsuki, the representative of the company TSUKI. As the sole human with this knowledge, I am tasked with enlightening people and helping them take their first steps into Systemspace.

How may I contact you?

Please send your inquiries to mailto:[email protected].

What will happen to us if we sign up?

Nothing much until your death. After your death, you will be transferred. You will lose your body, but all of your memories will be retained.

What if we don't?

Your soul will shatter - you will lose your memories, personalities and traits, and get a new soul in a new System.

How do I sign up?

You may sign up here.

How do I opt out if I’ve changed my mind?

You may sign out with your EID here.

What is your stance on suicide?

While we understand that this mission, which only goes in effect after your current life, might attract people who wish to end their own life, we will always be trying to get everyone good memories. Suicide would be a bad memory, so why not explore Life some more, instead of ending it with a bad memory? If you are considering ending your existence in Life, please call a local suicide hotline. If you believe you have truly nothing to live for, then live for LFE. Bring as much human knowledge as possible.

What's outside of Systemspace?

Although we are not allowed to say much (nor do we know much), think of a hyperdimensional server room.

Why was Systemspace created?

Systemspace and its Systems are created for good memories. Life was made to be a peaceful System.