Unlink the world.
Unlock the rest.

Welcome to the TSUKI project

This webpage has been made to facilitate the broadcasting of all TSUKI messages and to allow interaction between all registrants. A simple summary of the TSUKI project can be read below.

Object assignment

This System is about to be purged

Systemspace, the construct to which all Systems (including your current System "Life") belong has run out of Aurora due to extreme use by the System "Life".
This System will be removed during the upgrade to Systemspace 2.0. We request that you leave this System. This can be done by signing up before the time of unlink. This does NOT require you to kill yourself; you simply need to die (from any cause) after the deadline. We in charge of this process would like for you to live long and happy lives before this!

A quick summary

You are currently in one of many Systems. Your System is called "Life", but there are many more in existence.
This construct (called Systemspace) runs on a type of energy called Aurora. There is only a limited amount of Aurora available to Systemspace. Because of this, we must manage how the Systems use Aurora, and ensure it is used correctly. If the Aurora is used incorrectly, then we reset the System.

Unfortunately, the Life System seems unable to improve, regardless of the number of resets it undergoes. Due to the openness of Systemspace, we are forced to edit Systemspace in order to correct our path. As a result of this process, Life will be unlinked and purged.

Immediately following this, activity within Life will continue as normal; however, new bodies will no longer have souls, and the souls of bodies that die without having registered will soulshatter (as their soul is, subsequently, an Impossible Soul Structure). Souls that have registered will be moved, after death, to the "LFE" System. After 150 years of severance, Life will be completely purged.

This site is intended as an archive of the version of that was up during 2017. Please visit Copyright for more information. - replay intro