Object assignment

To help speed up your transfer, please provide us with some info as well as an object which will help us:

Click here

Pre-Gate Survey

We have a new survey, please fill it out for us! :)

View survey

Compendium now available!

You may now view the largest source of Systemspace information to Life here:

Visit it here

Many thanks to 655 and 1336!

File Transfers

You may now upload files to be transferred to LFE - see the Files knob!

Advertisement survey

We might advertise on 8chan, click here to vote: https://systemspace.link/survey

A new era

eNdymion has decided that, to help the project, they will unlink one of their own developer Systems. This has given us a lot more Aurora to play with!

The Aurora can be used either as slots for users (28K) or time (560 days). You can calculate any balance on the calculator.

I hope you'll enjoy this new change!

3000 slots open

Sorry for the wait, the floodgates are now open! We have 3000 slots for registrants now.

1500 users hit

We have hit our cap of 1500 users. We will be expanding to 3000 soon, please stay tuned.

Due to the influx of new users we have to make sure that everyone is over the age of 13. Aside from law issues, this is also to ensure a safe travel.

1000 registrants!

We have hit 1000 registrants!

We never expected to hit this many registrants, thanks everyone for being with us!

1500 Slots are available

We've bumped the slot count up to 1.5K, should keep yall busy for a little bit! Enjoy!

Another upgrade expected soon

Wow, we hit 800 fast. I guess it's time for me to upgrade to the big 1000.

800 Slots are now available

We have now increased the amount of open slots by another 300. This moves the dates of failure/assert if unlinked a bit more, but we can go up to 3000 if needed. Any further and we'll need to change the date of unlinking (currently Jul 1st).


We are currently lobbying for 800 users

We hit our limit of 500 again. We really weren't expecting this, so I have to lobby to get more people across, which will once again move the time of failure/assert over. Please stay tuned.

Imageboards are now live!

The imageboards are now live at boards.systemspace.link!


500 slots are available

The project has been allowed 300 more slots for registrants, increasing the total from 200 to 500. Enjoy!


Welcome to systemspace.link!

This is the blog section, where we will inform you of the latest updates and advancements.

Please look forward to more!